I have a severed problem of joints and I was not able to walk freely. My doctor has advised me for the joint replacement operation. Doctor has prescribed me NuJoint tablet twice a day after meal and Easy Walk capsule three times a day. After three months result is surprisingly eye opening I am able to walk and run freely I feel better quality of living. According to doctor cartilage started regenerating and I have good relief in my osteoporotic condition.

Mrs. Shardaben Jariwala

I was suffering from HLA B27 and my condition was horrible and I was so stressed and nothing was happening. One day my friend suggested me Ayurvedic doctor who asked me to do exercise and brought me few medicines like NuJoint, ImOK and Easy Walk. He confidently asked me to do three months course. Now I thanks my friend for suggesting this doctor. I thank so very much to doctor for taking me out of this condition. My doctor has advised me to do another three months course to get complete relief from this condition. Thanks to NuJoint, ImOK and Easy Walk.

Mr. Keyur Kansara

I am working for corporate company where I have to work for more than 10 hours a day. For last few months, I had lots of tension and working pressure as I lead the team of 100 colleagues.

I have recently observed that my hair are falling so fast and becoming Bald from crown of head. I feel so shy and my wife was also worried. We immediately went to doctor. He prescribed me some lotion, hair oil and NuHair tablet. I am taking this medicine for last few months and my hair stops falling. I observed that hair have become thick and fast. Now I am happy and feel good and look good too.

Mr. Kalpesh Patel

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